2nd Annual Rise Dodgeball Championship

This event has ended


The time has come. The time you’ve all be waiting for. It’s dodgeball time! Teams of 6 will compete for tournament style at the YMCA to compete for the glory of being the top Dodgeballers in Plant City! Not to mention all proceeds will go to Jensen's Heart of Gold. Food, beverages, dodgeball and more come out and have a blast. If you weren’t there last year, trust us it’s 10 times as intense as you’re thinking it is! Don’t forget to watch the movie Dodgeball to get pumped!  

Games start at 7PM (Teams arrive by 6:30PM)

Spectators: $5 for members and $10 non-members.

Team cost is $200 per team. If paying by check, please contact Brittany @ brittney@saditakilton.com

Click Here to Sign Your Team Up!


Rise Dodgeball 2018 Rules

  1. Teams will be made up of 6 contestants
  2. Players must not step out of bounds, a player will be issued a warning then taken out after repeated offense.
  3. All players will line up on the back line with at least one foot touching the line. Play begins on the whistle
  4. Game time is 5 minutes, after 4 minutes it is 1v1 sudden death to determine the winner if the game is tied.
  5. A player is out when hit below the shoulder on the fly.
  6. A player is not out if the ball bounces first or is above the shoulders, the thrower is not out either. The throw simply is discarded.
  7. On the starting whistle the players rush to the 4 balls (each team starts with 1 ball already as well) in the middle and have 5 seconds until the starting whistle to retrieve the balls and begin throwing.
  8. You are out if you step over the center dividing line no warning will be given
  9. Balls must be thrown behind the designated throw line. If ball is thrown in front of this line, it will be a dead ball and no one will be out if hit
  10. You are out if a player on the opposing team catches your thrown ball on the fly
  11. If you catch a ball on the fly the thrower is out and your teammate on que (longest teammate that’s been out) rejoins the game.
  12. If a ball is blocked, deflected, or hit in midair then the ball is dead and cannot result in someone getting out.
  13. A player can hold a ball for no longer than 5 Mississippi then must roll the ball to the opposing team.