Randon Trowbridge


Randon Trowbridge is the owner of Blue Thumb Computer Repair in Historic
Downtown Plant City.

"I am devoted to our cause of providing a future for our young professionals this city,"
Randon said. "I hope that we can initiate change that produces a fun, wholesome
environment that attracts young families to our town and keeps the current ones from
leaving. My favorite thing about Plant City is the small town feel, but with the
productivity of a larger city."

Randon hopes to see Plant City grow into a thriving city that maintains a tight-knit

"I like that I can wave to 20 people I know during a two mile drive to Wal-Mart and
how inside of Publix, I will surely run into one of my neighbors," he said. "I hope this
is not lost as we grow. I hope we manage to stay a community, but still have the
opportunities that a larger city presents."